Norton Antivirus is a well-crafted anti-malware software product developed and distributed by the Symantec Corporation. It is considered as one of the most loved parts of the Norton family because of its unmatchable features. Enabling the use of signature and heuristics to locate the virus, it runs perfectly on MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Being an award-winning protection software, it designed to protect both Android smartphones and Windows devices against various malware and viruses. It not only protects your device from harmful threats but also helps you explore and work safely on it. So if you are looking for the right type of protection for your device, then you are on the right page. This article explains why the need for exclusive security software that includes antivirus protection is essential for all your devices. If in case you want to know than what you read, you can simply connect with the technical executives at Norton customer care number for further assistance.

Subscriptions Available on Norton

Norton being one of the top security protection software, gives you the option to choose from its four subscription plans which protects your operating system from various kinds of malware and virus threats:

Common Queries of the First Time Users

Being the first time user of the Norton Software, there might be a few queries which you should clear before dealing with this software. Are you confused and unable to understand? Let us make clearer for you:

The very first question is that, did you download the product after purchasing it? 

The software should be your very first step after purchasing the product. Whether you buy the software from a retail store or by its official website, the easy downloading steps showcases can be easily implemented. After downloading the software, double-click on the extension file and install it in your device.

Then comes the question of protection. Is your device fully protected or not?

Check for the Norton Software is not much complicated. After downloading the software, double-click on the Norton icon to open the software. Now, if the status of the software turns green, then all is good and no reason to worry. But if the status appears to be red or orange, then there might be some functions that are not enabled correctly. To overcome this hindrance, you must ensure that your software is timely updated with all the latest apprises.

And last but not least, is your data safe or not?

Your data is not only vital for you, but it is equally essential for us for our reputation and client relationship. So with the help of the Norton Password Manager Tool, we allow you to save all your credentials so that you don’t have stress about remembering them. You can also ensure if your data is safe from the intruders or not with the help of our Norton Security Premium.

How to Manage Your Norton Account?

Does Norton defend against today’s online threats? Yes, as a part of Symantec, they are a part of one of the world’s largest civilian cyber intelligence networks allowing their products to help protect against the most advanced threats. So after you have made yourself equipped with the information above, you are now required to understand ow are you supposed to manage your Norton Account, about the Automatic Renewal Service, how to change the email address or password, how to updates the billing information, etc. To get a few of your answers for these queries, you can either read further or directly get on a call with the expert technicians on the Norton technical support number.

How to change the Norton email address or password?
How to manage Automatic Renewal and Subscription Settings?
How to update billing information?

How to download and install Norton antivirus in the operating system?

Downloading and installing the Norton antivirus in your operating system isn’t a much difficult task. All you have to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps or directly take the help of the expert technicians on Norton customer support, who are there to assist you 24*7.

The customer skills, which Norton Support professionals have mastered upon

 The advance technical professionals at the Norton Customer Support are dealing with hundreds of clients daily. In order to leave the customer with 100% satisfaction, the experts have mastered themselves in below-mentioned skills:

How to get in touch with the customer support

Customers have different agendas and queries for which they choose different mediums. They can either get satisfied by reading the above-mentioned information, or prefer getting in touch with the professionals at Norton Support Number. Below we have stated the best ways to reach out the technicians for your queries:

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