Mozilla Firefox is basically an ‘open-source web browser,’ which is developed by Mozilla Foundation. The software works on the Gecko layout engine for operating systems other than iOS, whereas in another Operating system, it runs on the Webkit layout. The web browser is compatible with Windows 7 version and higher and also works exceptionally well in both Mac and Linux Operating systems. It is a desktop browser that gave a tough competition to the Internet Browser and stood as the second most popular and preferred web browser.

Web browser for one and all

Since you don’t have to pay a single penny to download and install Mozilla Firefox in your operating system, so it can be seen as a web browser that can be used by everyone. You can customize the desktop browser for a user-friendly experience. Protecting the user’s data and making sure that the information is encrypted, it is added with new and advanced features. You can access the web browser and install it in any Operating device and works perfectly well in laptops, desktops, and all kinds of smartphones. If you wish to install the web browser and require technical assistance, then you can always contact the experts at Mozilla Firefox Customer Service number by dialing their toll-free number.

The noticeable features of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that can be easily installed in the Operating System and is available in seventy-nine languages to suit every person’s needs. There are a few features of this desktop browser that surely deserves mention. Let's look at them one by one

How to download and install Mozilla Firefox in Windows Operating System?

The users can easily install Mozilla Firefox in the Windows OS with the help of a simplified installer system. It is quite convenient that you install the desktop browser. Once you have installed the software, you only have to double click on the desktop icon, and can easily access the browser to surf the internet. Read the steps mentioned below for installing and setting up the desktop browser. In case you face any difficulty, then you can always have a word with the mavens at Mozilla Firefox Customer support number. 

Switch from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

If you were browsing the internet from Google Chrome and wish to port to Mozilla Firefox, then you can complete the process quite easily. To understand how it is done, you can either read the troubleshooting steps or can contact the Mozilla Firefox tech support professionals. Once you import all your data from Google Chrome to Firefox, you can have all the information that you had saved (passwords, bookmarks, etc.) accessed as you will not lose any one of them.

Comparison of Mozilla Firefox and other browsers.

Mozilla Firefox has given tough competition to its competitor's web browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The loading speed of the internet pages is two times faster than Chrome. It also doesn’t use much RAM from other programs and makes sure that there is adequate space in the system. There is another version introduced recently known as Firefox Quantum, which is must faster than Firefox and can load the web pages in seconds. If you wish to know more about the same and want to understand a detailed comparison, then the best way would be by discussing with the experts at Mozilla Firefox technical support and taking their certified opinion.

About Customer Care

At Mozilla Firefox Customer Care, the users can expect to get all their queries adequately resolved. Be it any question, or whether you are facing any issue, you can dial the toll-free number and have a word with the connoisseurs. You can expect the following from the service.

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