How to set Spam Filter Settings on Mail

How to set Spam Filter Settings on Mail

08 Apr 2021

SBCGlobal is a leading email platform that is now merged with Yahoo to more advanced service users. It comprises compatible features that quickly let the user configure the main page on your records. Users can easily manage junk and spam folders to improve the operating speed of mail by applying high-end and new features introduced by SBCGlobal. This blog highlights different methods related to spam Filter settings on mail. Suppose the user faces any issue while performing these steps. In that case, they can freely call up at SBCGlobal Customer service Number and talk to IT expert to resolve any technical problem related to SBCGlobal Email.

No doubt developer has added additional features to BCglobal email for the smooth functioning of routines activities. Still, junk mail slows down the speed and spoils the efficiency of SBCGlobal email. Because users sometimes encounter issues related to junk mails. This problem can be sorted by applying spam filter settings.

Managing Junk Mails

Management of junk mails is a critical task. The user can follow the below-listed configuration steps or report the issue on the official website of AT&T. User also has the facility to select the mode of managing spam and emails.

Configuring Junk Emails in SBCGlobal Mail

Step 1:Log in account

Step 2:Now the user has the option to select the mail option under the gear option

Step 3:Select General option and tap on the menu option under the spam protection section

Step 4:This will create spam email settings for mail

Step 5:Final step is complete by clicking on the save option to ensure all the changes.


Reporting for Spam Email

  • User is required to launch the process under the AT&T website
  • The next step is to click on the Inbox option and from the drop-down menu, select on spam option
  • The next step is to tap on the Report Spam Option

Applying these steps will help the user to remove all junk mails from the folder. The more advanced degree to get rid of junk mail is the blocking of the particular email address.


Blocking of particular email on mail

Step 1:Clcik on the Gear option and navigate to the email account page 

Step 2:Now choose the secured addresses option

Step 3:User need to give the proof for the reason of that email address

Step 4:Now the final step is to click on the save option to make all changes last for future use.


I hope this blog proves to be helpful for the readers. As we have disused some quick tweak to manage “How to set spam filter settings on mail”. But if you want to know more about spam filters, you can call the SBCGlobal support number and speak to a certified expert or a trained technician to get a detailed step-by-step guide. SBCGlobal experts are available 24 hours a day to give you the best and simplest solutions for any error connected to your email. 

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