How to safeguard and restore Quicken backup files

Feb 06 2020

Computer crashes, and data loss can cause you to lose valuable financial reports that may affect your business. This blog will give you tips on how you can safeguard your data and restore it whenever you need to. In case you encounter an error that prevents you from restoring your files, you can cal...

How to Fix TurboTax E-Filing Transmission Issues

Feb 12 2020

Filing tax returns can be a bit tough and complicated when it comes to doing it manually. You might also get delayed when it comes to filing your company’s return file. This is where this advanced software, TurboTax, helps you to make your work easier. It systematically files your tax and main...

How to Switch SBCGlobal Mail to

Feb 16 2020

Being the subsidiary of AT&T, the SBC Communications company basically issues an email address named as ‘’ to its customers. Whereas in, AT&T stands for American Multinational Conglomerate, which is a web-based content portal that includes email, news and ent...

How to Sync Square with QuickBooks

Feb 16 2020

To make sure your business runs smoothly, QuickBooks allows you to sync your account with other apps you may use to complete your accounting tasks. Connecting your QuickBooks account to Square will enable you to import transactions so that you have access to all the data at the click of a button. Th...

How to fix Quicken not Downloading or Updating Transaction

Feb 19 2020

One of the most useful features of Quicken is that it allows you to track your transactions and manage your finances more efficiently. However, if you find that you cannot download or update your transactions in Quicken, it can throw your work completely out of gear. This blog will give you some hel...

How to Transfer Previous Tax Years into TurboTax

Feb 25 2020

The most frustrating thing about filing your tax returns is when you have to go through all your documents and manually enter the relevant financial information. However, if you use TurboTax, there is an easier way to overcome this issue. Often described as one of the most efficient tax preparation ...

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